Spares and Equipments


We have range of ballistic helmets in different shapes and design with option of harness fitting and design with high quality neck retched system to comfort and fixed position on head during the field.

We deals in Aircrew flying clothing and equipment is given below:-
  1. Distress single
  2. Emergency ration 100, 150, 200 gms
  3. Aircrew torch
  4. Aircrew watch
  5. Fire starter Kit matchless ( flint and Striker)
  6. Goggles
  7. Flying Overall
  8. Ear Defender
  9. Co2 Cylinders And spares
  10. Co2 Oxygen cylinder valves and Hoses
  11. Seals and Gaskets.
  12. Emergency water purification kits
    1. Desalting Kits 2 Pints
    2. Water purification tables
  13. Insect repellent , shark repellent
  14. Leather Gloves
We are able to develop items as per customer critical requirement according their own specification and design.